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Health Information

Update for parents and students: I am sure it has been a challenging week for you all, getting used to working from home, or only leaving the house for essential work or shopping. I hope there has been plenty of school work to occupy our students, and that IT issues have been resolved. I have seen some excellent work, including a home video of a Dance project filmed in a back garden. Can I ask that you do not email teachers out of the normal school day (9am to 3.30pm), with questions around work. Teachers will continue to send work for next week (beginning 30th March), but there will be a two week break for Easter. Best wishes and keep safe, Paula Hearle

Ludlow Church of England School is committed to effective, high quality safeguarding for all members of the school community. Rated as Outstanding by Ofsted in terms of our procedures and safeguards, the school continues to monitor, improve, and challenge practices in the area of safeguarding. Our response to incidents of alleged bullying is outlined in the Anti-Bullying Policy, located within the Policies section of this website. Like any school, we cannot guarantee that allegations will not arise. However, we have the approval of external agencies regarding our handling of such allegations and, more importantly, the confidence of our parents and students to do so.

In terms of recruitment and selection processes, we have taken the additional steps to ensure that our Governors and members of the Senior Leadership Team, have undergone safeguarding and safer recruitment training. Applicants for posts are left in no doubt as to how serious the Governing Body views their safeguarding role when recruiting staff.

Regarding Child Protection, the school has ensured that all staff have undergone Child Protection training, delivered by the Shropshire Council Prevention Team. We also have a nominated Designated Safeguarding Officer, Lyn Hughes, as well as a Deputy Lead Officer, Bryn Faulkner. Our safeguarding practices are monitored by a member of the Governing Body.

We strive to maintain a safe and secure site.  We have extensive fenced boundaries around the school and have established protocols with neighbouring institutions so as to ensure the safety of our children. Any incident that we feel compromises the safeguarding of our students in terms of external, unauthorised access to the site, are reported to the Police Diocese of Hereford Multi Academy Trust, and appropriate Governor.

Safe internet usage is important for all members of our school community. The Internet Usage Policy can be found under the Policies section of this website. However, it is our duty to educate our school community about safe internet usage when they are not on filtered IT facilities on the school site. This is achieved through the IT curriculum, assemblies and tutor time activities. We also provide an information evening for parents in the Autumn Term. Staff are aware of our policies in this area, including guidance regarding safer working practices (Department for Education Guidance). For any queries regarding safeguarding, please do not hesitate to contact the school. Our full Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy can be found by clicking the related document