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Health Information - COVID19

Update to parents/carers 1st April 2021 Good morning. I am hoping you have received a copy of our Easter newsletter. It is also on the website. I just wanted to stress a couple of points: • Please contact me ( if your child develops any symptoms of Covid-19 within two days of the end of term (Friday and Saturday). • LFD Home testing – please continue the routine of twice weekly testing and reporting to NHS Test and Trace. • Please test your child on Sunday evening, 18th April, or Monday morning, 19th April, so that we can isolate any positive cases before the return to school. Free School Meal vouchers have been sent out to families for the two weeks of the holiday, today. We had hoped that face coverings would not be necessary in classrooms after Easter. However, we must await an announcement from the Prime Minister over the Easter period for any decisions regarding safety measures in schools. It has been a wonderful four weeks back together in school. Thank you for your support over this difficult term. Best wishes, Paula Hearle

Weekly update for parents and carers – 19th March 2021

I have not much news this week but wanted to update you on where we are with testing, in particular.  Once year 7 take their third and final test on Monday morning, we will have completed all LFD tests in school for all students.  We are very pleased to have all negative results.  We can now move to testing being carried out twice a week from home.

Home LFD Testing Kits

We have given Home Testing Kits to all students who have completed their three school LFD tests.  Year 7 will bring their kits home on Monday, once their third test is completed.

Even if you did not consent to your child having the tests in school, you can still have a testing kit at home.  Please email Nicole Sampson (, if you would like a Home Testing Kit for your child.

We will be sending further kits home, as you use up the tests, but should you run short, please email Nicole Sampson for more supplies.

Please ensure you report all results to NHS test and Trace (, and contact me immediately, if the result is positive, at  In line with Government guidance, the family will need to self-isolate whilst your child takes a PCR test.  If the result is negative, your child and family can end the self-isolation; if positive, the household must continue to self-isolate.

Safety Protocols

Please be assured, that aside from the testing taking place in school, we continue to follow safety protocols, including regular handwashing, social distancing and wearing face coverings. Thank you for your support with this, providing your child with face coverings, in particular.

Year 9 Parents’ Consultations

As detailed in the letter I sent out with Annual Reports last week, Year 9 parents and carers can make contact with their child’s teachers throughout next week, with any question about their child’s progress or option choices.  This can be an email exchange, or you can request a phone conversation or an online meeting via Zoom.  The deadline for completing the online GCSE option form is 1st April, at the latest.


We have been very mindful of the difficulties some families have had with purchasing replacement uniform and shoes, since returning to school.  It is pleasing to see the online orders are coming through, and we have just half a dozen children still in trainers.  Please contact your child’s CLT, or me directly, if you require any financial support with uniform or shoes.

We are enjoying some dry Spring weather this week.  I hope to be able to allow students back onto the school field at lunchtime soon.  It will be lovely for them to spread out and enjoy the fresh air, without face coverings!

Best wishes, Paula Hearle


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