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Ludlow CE School Update – weekly update to parents/carer – 22nd January 2021

Thank you for all you continue to do in supporting your child with remote learning.  I appreciate how challenging this must be as the weeks wear on.  Engagement in remote learning for the week beginning 11th January was very pleasing, with 88% of students submitting work to their teachers on a regular basis.  We have been in contact with families where children were finding remote learning more difficult, and I hope we have come up with some solutions.  I will be able to review if we have improved that percentage figure for this week.  Please do get in touch with your child’s CLT, if you need further support.  If you don’t hear from your CLT, it means your child is working well, and they will get feedback from their teachers, whether with a quick “like” to the email, general feedback, or a more in-depth personal response to a specific piece of work.

From next week, your child’s tutor will be running live tutor time sessions, using MS Teams, in an attempt to help your child feel better connected with school.  We hope to be able to help out with organisation and use of IT, as well.  I have attached a PowerPoint to take you and your child through how these sessions will be run, and outline the important safeguarding controls that have to be in place.  Do, please, take a look.  Your child will receive an email, inviting them to join their Teams session.  They will not be able to use their video camera during the session, but will be able to unmute and join in a conversation, when invited.

Thank you to those parents who got in touch with me this week.  It was really helpful to hear how your child is managing during lockdown.

I would urge you to have a break from all things to do with school this weekend.

My very best wishes, Paula Hearle




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