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Health Information - COVID19

Information about the phased return to school and the mass testing programme can be found under health Information.

The majority of GCSE exams (or equivalent qualifications) are taken at the end of Year 11, although we are also able to provide Year 10 Early Entry for GCSE English Literature, and offer GCSE Media Studies to some Year 9 students.

Mock examinations take place in December, with some further mocks in March each year.  The whole school sits summer examinations once the GCSE exams are completed in June.

GCSE Exams Update - January 2021

I am sure you and your child are wondering what is to happen with GCSE exams this summer.
The DfE and Ofqual are to meet to make a plan for the exams this year.
They are saying that exams scheduled for this month will go ahead, but I will let you know as soon as we have confirmation from the exam boards.  This is for Child Development and Enterprise and Marketing on Wednesday 13th January.  Students must continue to revise for these examinations.
We can be pretty certain that the DfE/Ofqual are intending to continue with some examinations in each subject this summer, albeit of a limited nature.  The intention is that it is not to be like last year, when Year 11 were told to stop studying.  We need our Year 11s to continue to work as hard as they are able with remote learning over the next 6 weeks, alongside independent study, and revision.  
Please be assured that I will communicate all decisions with you as soon as I am informed by the DfE and Ofqual.  In the meantime, the message stays the same to Year 11 students:  #controlthecontrollables and work hard.
Best wishes and thank you for your support.
Paula Hearle

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